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Desktop CNC Engraving Machine we manufacture, is like a table top Mini CNC Mill. This Desktop CNC Engraver is suitable for micro or small milling, cutting, drilling, marking, carving, engraving operations in metals as well as non-metals.

Firstly, compact design of Desktop CNC Engraving machine is the most noteworthy feature. As a result, very less floor space required. Therefore it is suitable for CNC hobbyist, small machine shop or engraving business owner. Moreover, this Desktop CNC Engraver is fitted with standalone DSP based programmable CNC controller. Therefore there is no need to connect to PC.

Secondly, this Mini CNC Mill stands out from competition because of ease of operating. Machine is very easy to operate using user friendly handheld keypad. Also, in case of power failure it is possible to resume program from same point where it stopped. As a result, user can achieve better productivity. In addition, user can save 6 work origins.

Thirdly, and most importantly machine understands standard ISO G-code. Subsequently making it compatible with almost all CAM software. Moreover, it is possible to generate program for simple operation like rectangular machining inside the DSP controller itself.

This desktop engraving machine is highly sturdy because of robust cast iron foundry structure. As a result of columns and cross beam one-piece casting there are virtually no vibrations. Consequently resulting in better surface finish and better tool life.

Also, Desktop CNC Engraving machine is highly accurate because of imported linear guide and ball screw. You can get optional rotary attachment to perform operations like cutting, drilling, marking, engraving, carving and micro milling on cylindrical work-pieces.

Above all this is the most economical yet powerful tabletop CNC engraving machine in our product line.


  • I am using N-Gravetek Desktop Series machine. My work requires engraving letters, alphabets and symbols of 0.5mm to 2mm height which is achieved very well on NGK-DE(S)-3030 machine. I am very much satisfied with the machine and its results. … More I would recommend DESKTOP SERIES for those who want highly precise CNC engraving machine with low investment.
    Avatar Paresh J. ★★★★★
  • N-Gravetek provide Us with great information and help about the professional cnc engraving machines with High Speed routers. Their comunication is beyond perfect, knowlage of the machines and usage of program also. I am more than happy … More that we stepped in contact with them, because I know they are the best in the buissnes. Looking forward to do buissnes with them.
    Avatar Primož S. ★★★★★
  • The experience has been amazing prompt reply to any problem which are extremely minimal and basic good after sales service and actually they have answers to your questions and solutions to so that actually very different from what problem … More you face with other Indian Manufactures. So if you want a good and maintance free Engraving Solution you can go for N-Gravetek not only the machine but you will get the complete engraving knowledge.
    Avatar Saurabh S. ★★★★★
  • We have been using N-GRAVETEK machine since last 5+ years. Last year we purchased PRECISION SERIES machines. I am very happy with the product as well as prompt service. Most of my problems are solved over phone. I do not remember I have … More called N-GRAVETEK engineer for any service related issues since the time I have purchased the machine. No issues with any parts as well. I would recommend N-GRAVETEK products to anyone who is willing to buy a good CNC Engraving Machine and prompt after sales support.
    Avatar Meet C. ★★★★★
  • I had visited N-GRAVETEK booth in RMTS-2018. I booked NGK-ECO(S)-3030 machine for jewelry applications and machine was delivered in time with very good training at their training centre in Nashik. For first time CNC engraving machine buyers; … More I would highly recommend to go with N-GRAVETEK machines and complete end-to-end solution with training at Nashik factory.
    Avatar Varshit R. ★★★★
  • I am using N-GRAVETEK ECO SERIES 3030 CNC engraving machine for the past 2 years. When I bought my first CNC, I really didn’t know how I am going to use it and I wanted to do good quality job to my customers that no one in my area could … More offer. I started out making custom metal engraving for Jewellery Industry, the workshop has evolved into more of a production and regular job work. N-GRAVETEK has changed the way that my shop “flows”. I LOVE the machine! It is so efficient to do multiple and complex work with perfect accuracy. N-GRAVETEK CUSTOMER SERVIECE IS OUTSTANDING. based on their training and support my efficiency of each job has increased and the quality of work has improved. I am really happy with the cost, quality, performance and customer service.Thanks to Mr. Umeed Tambat for all the support he has been giving me for the last 2 years.VENKATESH (LOKA CNC ENGRAVING)
    Avatar Satish V. ★★★★★


Here are images of samples machined on our CNC DESKTOP ENGRAVING MACHINE.


Description NGK-DE/DE(S)-1515 NGK-DE/DE(S)-2020
Working Area – X x Y x Z
in mm
150 x 150 x 150 200 x 200 x 150
Total Size- Clamping Area
in mm
260 (X) x 260 (Y) 310 (X) x 310 (Y)
T-Slot Size M10
T-Slot Centre Distance
in mm
54 71
Engraving Speed 2000 mm/min
Rapid Speed 3000 mm/min
Spindle Speed 40000 rpm
Spindle Power 1.2 KW
Maximum Tool Diameter 6 mm (Soft Material) / 4 mm ( Hard Material)
Guide System Linear Motion Guide
Drive System Ball Screw
Motor/Drive Stepper Motor / Servo Motor
Standalone Controller DSP (Digital Singnal Processor)
Internal Memory 128 Mb
Expandable 8 Gb
USB Connectivity YES
Machine Self Zero YES
User Work Zero (G54) 6
Auto Spindle On/Off YES
Auto Coolant On/Off YES
Tool Break Point Resume YES
Power Resume Function YES
NC File Format ISO G-Code (Standard)
Accuracy 0.020 mm
Repeatability 0.020 mm
Resolution 0.015 mm ( Stepper motor) / 0.010 mm (Servo motor)
Feed Height 150 mm (Customisable)
Safe Weight on Table 80 Kg 100 Kg
Weight of Machine 400 Kg 500 Kg
Floor Space 1070 x 730 x 1000 1200 x 720 x 1000
Operating Temperature 5 to 35 Degrees


  • Clamping Set – 2 nos.
  • Spanner (Required Sizes Only) – 2 nos.
  • N-GRAVETEK Signature 4GB Pen Drive – 1 nos.
  • Collets (4mm) – 1 nos.


  • Spindle Power 2.2KW @24000 RPM
  • PC Based Controller
  • Suitable PC Required For PC Based Controller
  • Integrated Controller


  • Pedestal Base
  • Enclosed Cover
  • Coolant System
  • Industrial Spindle Chiller
  • Z-Presetter Calibrator
  • 4″ (Width) 4″ (Opening) Milling Vice
  • 2″ (Width) 3″ (Opening) Precision Vice
  • Stabiliser/ 10 Min Power Backup UPS
  • Rotary Axis / 4th Axis Attachment
  • V- Bit Engraving Tools
  • Tool Grinding Machine (Training @ Nashik Works)